I’ve known a lot of people who have reached the top of the game as an Entrepreneur.  I’ve also known a lot of people who have reached the pinnacle in a musical or artistic pursuit.  I have never known anyone, other than you Brian, who has done both.

Entrepreneurial leadership is the ceaseless drive to do better.

Applied to your life, your work, and your relationships, Entrepreneurial Leadership manifests in dramatic growth, increased satisfaction, and unexpected paths and opportunities.

Brian OliverSmith applies entrepreneurial leadership to every role in his life.

Brian is a serial entrepreneur. He has raised millions of dollars, built businesses from concept to acquisition, changed industries, opened alternative distribution channels, developed globally award winning teams and products…

Brian auditioned for the Los Angeles Opera professional chorus and out of more than 300 people was chosen for one of two spots. He built companies and businesses in LA during the day and stood on stage with Placido Domingo in full costume performing famous works by Verdi, Gounod, and Tchaikovsky by night.

While building a global education technology business, Brian moved with his family to Antigua, Guatemala. He continued to run his global business, create new partnerships and ventures, and eventually navigated a merger with a public company.

Some people reach the top in business. Some personally. Some in the arts. Brian has it all. He credits the entrepreneurial mindset, focused self-direction, and highly developed leadership as driving his success across his whole life.

Where did you learn all of this? I have an MBA and NO ONE has ever taught me any of this! I only saw this as an expense. Now I see it as an opportunity.

Know your values to be a congruent and inspirational Entrepreneurial Leader. Build everything around supporting and fulfilling your values.

Opportunities are not like a penny you happen upon on the ground. You must create your own. Entrepreneurial leaders make opportunities.

Does your life inspire you? Then how can you be inspirational? Inspire greatness in teams, organizations, and yourself.

Getting from an idea to reality requires speed with limited resources. Bypass delays through connections. Your goal is to be three phone calls away from the right person, right now.

Having the mindset, understanding the demands, accurately accessing the risk, and assembling the best team will get you only so far if you are not fully and wholly engaged.

First and foremost, apply leadership to your own life. Plan, inspire, focus, connect, and be ultimately responsible for achieving your goals. If you aren’t leading your own life, how can you lead others?

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1 hour with Brian was worth more than 4 years at Uni.

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