Anything but…..but.

You are where you are because you have worked hard and you have great talent. BUT… that horrible word rearing its head.


Fill in the blank yourself.

Unfortunately, that’s what people do, particularly women, according to research and the literature. And what comes after that BUT is created out of doubt.


The other people, the ones surrounding you? They don’t have that going through their heads. They don’t look at you and think she’s so talented BUT. There is no BUT in their heads. Not about you. That BUT is you. In your own head. And it is holding you back from your possibility.

So how do you stop it?

I wish it were as easy as turning off a switch. It isn’t.

The beginning step, is to recognize it. To hear it and to know  1) It is stopping you.

  • It is limiting.
  • It is WRONG.

I hear you. You just said BUT again. BUT…. what if it isn’t wrong?

It is. You have to see that it is wrong.

You deserve to be where you are. You have as much right as anyone out there. You have earned your opportunity.

Now that you have recognized it and its friends, because you don’t just have that one BUT script in your head, you have to know, I mean deep in your core, know it is WRONG.

This won’t happen in a moment. Or overnight. You will have to face it and tell it to shove off repeatedly, daily, hourly. If you can hear it and recognize it, you can defeat it.

It wants to defeat you, that’s its goal. To keep you back, to make you afraid, to control you. And there is no real benefit to you. None.

Think about it. Really consider it. Take it apart. What do you get out of your BUT phrase?

Anything good?


You don’t get anything good. You just get stuck. It isn’t saving you from falling off a cliff. It is stopping you from flying.

So, starting now, right now, I want you to hear your BUT excuses and I want you to ignore them. Ignore them and step right through them. They are just smoke and fog. You can walk right through them. It won’t hurt. And on the other side, is your life and opportunity.

You deserve it. You are worth it. Now GO!

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