Age is an Illusion

Sure, you need more sleep and your back hurts more often, and you have more stuff, including your family (I know, your family isn’t “stuff”!). What I am saying is that I know what 40 is like. I was getting my CTI coaching training while my spouse was in law school. We were renting out rooms in our house to cover the mortgage. I was transitioning from highly paid executive to no holds barred entrepreneur.

At 42, my wife graduated law school, our first of three daughters was born, we sold our house, we moved to a new city and state, and we launched a publishing company. I had a career in insurance and investments behind me, executive positions in sales and marketing, and I was a trained personal and professional coach.

Scratch that. I was an entrepreneur. I am an entrepreneur. I have always been, deep within….well, not even that deep – like a scratch away from the surface, a piece of tissue down…okay! I admit it. An on the surface and deep down and all the way through entrepreneur.

At 41, I was tired of almost doing it. I was tired of working in someone else’s start-up. I was tired of just being the go to guy for the coaching on how to do it. I wanted to do it.

At 41, we put it all at risk. We gambled. We had some huge wins. We had some hard struggles. We had another baby. We moved another 3 times. We transitioned and pivoted to use the expertise we had built for a new company that went after a bigger, global market. We left our niche and went for the biggest market in the world.

That was at 46.

At 47, the biggest recession in the world hit, we lost funding, and we had our 3rd (and FINAL) baby.

At 48, that company won a global award, beating huge names, and at 52, I went through an acquisition where our company was acquired, but I took over as CEO of the merged companies, running a public company.

At 52, I also left.

I tried running someone else’s company. It doesn’t work right. I’m a CEO, a leader, the decision maker, the one responsible, the visionary, the team builder. I am an entrepreneur.

Was starting over at 40 easy? No. Was starting over at 52 easy? No.

Can we start over? Yes! At any stage. At any age.

I have done it and I can help you do it, too. It’s okay to be scared. But you have to push through that fear or you’ll be safe and miserable. Contact me to learn more about how I can help.

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