Pivotal Moments – Getting Her Attention (The rest of the story)

I had not sung a note in a dozen years. I was sitting at a long dinner table with my bosses, my associates, and this young woman whose attention I had been trying to catch for weeks. She knew I was funny. She knew I liked to rollerblade. But she really just knew me as an insurance guy. She was nice to me, but she was nice to everyone. And I needed to get her attention.

I had told her I used to sing. She said she used to sing, too. Badly. I said, “No, really, I used to sing semi-professional opera.” She didn’t really believe me. She said, “My mom likes opera.” I said, “French, Italian, or English.” She said, “Italian.”

I clinked my water glass to get everyone’s attention. I stood up. And in a restaurant in Santa Monica, California, I reached deep inside me and pulled out an Italian Art song from twelve years before.

I sang my heart out.

Singing was a part of me I had hidden and stuffed down. It was a part of who I was and I’d lost touch with that side of me. Lost that love and passion. But, to get her to notice me, I pulled it out and sang to her with my whole being.

I realized that to Create Your Rich Life, you must be a whole person. You cannot stuff and ignore sides of you that big and have a rich life. Thus, I began the process of change. And she married me.

That’s a pivotal moment, and not just because I married her and we have 3 amazing children together. It’s pivotal because it was then that I started on my life’s path and not someone else’s life. It is when I began to Create My Rich Life. It is when I started the hard work on myself. I started the hard process of changing. I began to live a rich life in the now instead of planning for a rich life someday.

Waiting to live the life you love means you don’t love your life.

Now, I live where other people vacation, sing professionally, build businesses, and am a recognized expert in my passionate areas. People ask me all the time how I got so lucky. I’m not especially lucky. Twenty plus years ago I decided that I didn’t need to live someone else’s life. That living my life is what I was missing. That happiness is underrated.

I promise you every time I have started a new venture, moved to a new city or country, put my foot onto a new path, I have been afraid. And to get moving forward on that path, I have to step through fear. You will have to step through fear. You have to take that first step.

I help you do that whether in person with a masterclass, online with courses, or through coaching. I guide you through exercises and give you tools that get you in action. Engage with me and find out what you value and how to create more richness in your life.

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