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"To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time." Leonard Bernstein.

Brian OliverSmith works with aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs to accelerate growth, by teaching the mindset and skillset needed to be a successful entrepreneur.  Save time, effort, and heartache bringing Brian in. The average entrepreneur is successful on the 5th to 7th venture – skip a few of those failures and move faster to success.

Through strategic consulting on team development, joint partnerships, distribution, follow-on financing options, and leadership development, Brian works with organizations and corporations to shift executive and management mindset from systems and safety to options and expansion.

Successful entrepreneurs are typically confident and self-motivated. They are tenacious… Instead of following the status quo, entrepreneurs have a healthy disrespect for established rules and often set out to do things that others may not have the courage to pursue. They are also willing to fail and start over again.

“If a preacher’s kid from South Chicago, who went to public schools, has no rich relatives, and hardly knows anyone in Silicon Valley, can build a life of worldwide travel, global businesses, and sharing the stage with the biggest opera stars on the planet, you can have the life you want!” Learn more….

Brian believes that Entrepreneurial Leadership is core to growth. Stop being so risk averse, you’re becoming success averse. There is more to leadership than being in charge. There is a mindset to the Entrepreneurial Leader that makes them growth obsessed. Brian both brings Entrepreneurial Leadership and teaches it. Engage him today for results tomorrow.

Each of us is responsible for composing and playing the music to which we dance; it is our choice and choices that design our lives.

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