Learning to Sing Again


Brian OliverSmith takes you on his very personal journey from a successful and nationally recognized expert in his field, but incredibly miserable person, to the self-aware and fulfilled person he is today. You are provided concrete exercises to guide you on your journey with his challenging and opportunity filled VOICE System. Purchase his emotional, funny, engaging book today and start NOW working towards living the life you truly want.

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Start living a fulfilled, meaningful life that you love, today, based on your core values. There is no getting ready to live the life you imagine. You must start living it now. If you do not know who you are, what you need and value most, you will wander aimlessly, struggling and lost. With Learning to Sing Again, you do the work to know your values. Values are what drive you, guide your decisions, and determine your choices. If you don’t know your values, you make blind decisions in your life that leave you feeling lost, alone, and miserable.

With Learning to Sing Again, you will do the work and dig deep into what makes your life meaningful. One of Brian’s core values is singing. Not music, not listening to music, but singing. Performing and singing. It was missing from his life from age 19 to 32. He did not keep it a priority because it wasn’t on the path: the college, marriage, career, mortgage, and kids path. It almost killed him.

At 32, he ‘snowglobed’ his life and learned to sing, again. By 34, he was a member of the Seattle and then Portland Opera professional choruses and by 36 was performing on stage with Placido Domingo in Los Angeles. Singing is a core value and not only did he learn to sing again, he was energized and inspired to sing at the top.

He didn’t quit his work and career. He had the time, he made it, to rehearse and prepare and learn to sing again because it is a core value. He created opportunities, did the improbable, and was engaged in every area because he uncovered his other core values and created a life of authenticity and congruency around those basic ingredients that make him uniquely him.
Brian guides you through the work to uncover who you really are. This then becomes the compass that guides you. You will create opportunities based on who you are. Your heart and head will align to give you real purpose. You will engage with life, people, and possibility to depths you’ve not known. Knowing yourself and living a life congruent with your values gives you energy to live fully and fearlessly.

Change is not in an instant but this is the instant you begin to change. Right now. Because right now is your life. Not when you finish your project or graduate or get the raise or move to the new town or whatever the next thing in front of you is, dangling like a carrot just beyond your reach. That carrot is not a destination. It is a distraction. Stop waiting for your amazing life to start.

People exclaim that Brian is lucky. Luck is hard work and preparation recognizing and creating opportunity. Luck is taking action to live the life you want. Luck is knowing what you want and pursuing it, even if it is impossible. Luck is determination and decision.

If you feel stuck. If you are following someone else’s path. If life is stale. Learning to Sing Again will give you your voice, uncover your purpose, awaken your passion, and teach you who you are and how to live your fulfilled and meaningful life.

With decades of training and experience in values work and opportunity creation, Brian OliverSmith is the voice to inspire the millions of people seeking clarity of purpose. He does not simply speak of living a values driven, inspired life. Brian exemplifies passionate, purposeful living.

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