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Performance counts as much in business as on stage. In fact, it lies at the heart of almost everything we do from our relationships to our workplaces.

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Life is NOT a Dress Rehearsal

Do you wake up energized and ready to seize the day? Are you inspired by the opportunities you have? Are you starring in the story of your life?

If the answer is “No” you need Brian’s ‘Life is NOT a Dress Rehearsal’ seminar.

  • Determine what it is you really want.
  • Create your future.
  • Pursue the right opportunities.
  • Start NOW working on the change you want.
  • Stop being stuck.

May 13-14 2017

This 2-day seminar guides you in defining your values, creating the right opportunities, being inspired in your own life, and joining your head and your heart for a deeper engagement in everything. Learn more>>

The Entrepreneurship Seminar

‘American Idol’ was just really a platform. What you do after that is what separates you from the show.

Entrepreneurs are the new celebrity with more monies being thrown at them than ever. Yet, less than 10% exit successfully or become independently sustainable. Take it from someone who has built and financed 4 businesses (to the tune of 16m plus), built products from scratch to be used 20 million times per month, and survived the greatest global recession while still in early funding…

The Relationship Seminar

Everything we do is in relationship with others. Our career, customers, investors, partners, associates, employees, employers, friends, family, and our complete life. But honestly, how much training have you really had in relationships?

The Executive Leadership Seminar

Being aware of all the balls in the air and performing with the team is leadership today more than ever. I built teams that shared vision and were highly engaged. My teams won 8 major awards on 5 continents.

The Teamwork Seminar

Keep your team of rockstars inspired, growing, and engaged in the vision. Treat them like the gods they are. Give them a voice, share the credit, and understand that the strength of the team always outlasts a solo performance.

The Sales Seminar

In Bocca Al Lupo (in the mouth of the wolf), is all about sales and taking more risk. Risk is required to stay competitive. The phrase In Bocca Al Lupo (in the mouth of the wolf) is a good luck/good performance phrase in opera (similar to break a leg). Hunter’s said it to one another. To be in the mouth of the wolf—means to be in the heat of the hunt.

The seminar for starting over after 40

What do Morgan Freeman, Julia Child, Sam Walton, Charles Darwin, Henry Ford and Vera Wang have in common? They all made their big break after 40!

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