After 40

For many people, the early years are just a warm up. The time to perform is now!

The seminar for starting over after 40

Age is a creation of man to put order into life. Don't let age define you, your opportunities, and your goals. It is hard, but what worth having and doing isn't?

What do Morgan Freeman, Julia Child, Sam Walton, Charles Darwin, Henry Ford and Vera Wang have in common? They all made their big break after 40!

We live in a culture that emphasizes youth as the key to success. However, the reality is that people are just warming up in their early years.

Whether you’re making a late debut or this is your 2nd act, this seminar is for you if you:

  • Want to powerfully pursue a new path in life.
  • Have been comfortably in the chorus, but now want to be a solo act.
  • Would like to start a new business or venture.
  • Are starting over or want to start over in a new career.
  • Are being stopped by the feeling your opportunity has passed.
  • Are bitter or blocked due to a past relationship.
  • Fear failure and it is getting in the way.
  • Want to learn how to maximize your experience and connections.
  • Need some new practical tools to begin again.
  • Keep listening to the recordings in your head telling you what you “should” be or it’s too late.

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