Today's leaders inspire teams to embrace the vision.

The Executive Leadership Seminar

Bringing the best out of your team requires getting out of their way, listening, providing vision, enrolling them, and taking responsibility. Learn about leadership styles, enhance your leadership skills, move up to greater leadership roles.

Being aware of all the balls in the air and performing with the team is leadership today more than ever. I built teams that shared vision and were highly engaged. My teams won 8 major awards on 5 continents.

In the Maestro Seminar, we’ll share Primal Leadership styles that are powerful for a modern team. Styles such as Visionary Leadership, Affiliative Leadership, Coaching Leadership and more. Learn when and how to use Command and Control (sparingly) and when to use Pacesetting. Develop communication styles and channels guaranteed to work anytime, anywhere. Uncover the power of letting go.

While we won’t be doing any fire walking in this seminar, I will teach you
how to build teams that will walk through fire for you and the organization!
This seminar is especially applicable to those who

  • Run global teams across time zones and cultures.
  • Lead teams of very high performers.
  • Entrepreneurs who need everyone to contribute at the highest level.
  • Those with P&L responsibility in an environment of constrained resources.
  • Leaders who know their team could do so much more if they understood the vision.
  • Desire to move upward in leadership roles.
  • Seek to enhance their leadership skills.
  • Benefit from understanding leadership styles and when to employ them.

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