It’s a Wonderful World

Performance counts as much in business as on stage. In fact, it lies at the heart of almost everything we do—from our relationships to our workplaces.

The Relationship Seminar

No performance happens without an audience. Connect in a meaningful way and be
in relationship for a more fulfilling life.

Everything we do is in relationship with others. Our career, customers, investors, partners, associates, employees, employers, friends, family, and our complete life. But honestly, how much training have you really had in relationships?

If you want to grow business or start a business, deepen ties with your contacts or friends, or learn to connect in order to have a fulfilled and authentic life then this seminar is for you.

Built on Daniel Goleman’s foundational work in Emotional Intelligence, this
seminar is particularly empowering for those who

  • Keep bumping into the same relationship challenges over and over.
  • Make connections on social media, but can’t move them deeper.
  • Are comfortable building friendships and relationships in one area but struggle in others.
  • Men. Especially those who wish they didn’t have to develop these skills.
  • Want to build deeper and more relationships in every area.
  • Don’t know how to build relationships to grow their business or career.
  • Want to be more open, honest, and authentic in their career or position.
  • Are afraid of what people will think if you tell them how you feel about anything.
  • Need to know how to build relationships across oceans, time zones, and cultures.

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