In Bocca Al Lupo (In the Mouth of the Wolf)

To win in the market, you must hunt at the head of the pack!

The Sales Seminar

Sales can be a tricky beast and understanding your market, their needs, and meeting them is just the start. Learn from an award winning sales leader and trainer what you need to lead the pack.

In Bocca Al Lupo (in the mouth of the wolf), is all about sales and taking more risk. Risk is required to stay competitive. The phrase In Bocca Al Lupo (in the mouth of the wolf) is a good luck/good performance phrase in opera (similar to break a leg). Hunter’s said it to one another. To be in the mouth of the wolf—means to be in the heat of the hunt.

Today, more than ever, you must be with the wolves. Competitors will eat all the game. You have to lead the pack, be in the lead, live in the mouth of the wolf.

According to Forbes Magazine 5 of the top 10 reasons that businesses fail
are related to sales and marketing. This Bravo Seminar is for

  • Anyone who needs to understand the modern sales cycle and customer strategy.
  • Companies that feel solid in technology and ideas, but lack value proposition.
  • People or companies that want to drive more revenue—guaranteed!
  • Marketing and sales teams needing to work as a pack.
  • Companies wanting to pursue new markets.
  • Sales professionals ready to grow into the next phase of monies, markets, or career opportunities.
  • People raising money or trying to fund a business.
  • Sales leaders who need to continuously grow sales without driving burnout.
  • Teams that want to build partnerships to increase sales.
  • People who need to learn the “art” of referral prospecting.
  • How to stay connected, get connected, and build relationships in the digital age.
  • And much more.

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