Sometimes you don’t want someone to coach you, pull out the answers, or help you create the greatness. You simply want some specific answers, damn it. That is consulting. Where as coaching is all about questions and guidance and helping you and your organization develop so you can perform at a higher level, consulting provides the answers based on research, expertise, and experience.

If you need powerful consulting, the following are areas BOS has significant and in depth knowledge and experience:

  • Setting up and financing a new company or venture
  • Strategy
  • Corporate Vision, Mission, and Values Planning
  • International distribution and partnerships
  • Global consumer strategy
  • Mobile
  • Global & Cross Cultural Marketing
  • Go to market strategies
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • StoryBranding

My goal in any consulting relationship is to be sure the knowledge is successfully put into action. I don’t believe in handing over a well-written document and washing my hands of the project once the doc is delivered. My consulting approach is very intense, very focused, part of the team, roll up the sleeves together and build, start, fix, grow this. I create a ton of focused activity to create powerful results. I do not consult looking for a job or because your name would look nice on my site—I only care that the results you wish to cause occur.

Ask any of my current or past team members, I live by the phrase: A Day is a Week, A Week is a Month, & A Month is a Year, meaning I, and any team I’m on gets more accomplished in a month than many do in a year. If you need this to happen in one of the above areas—then we should talk.

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